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Re: KH Drop

Okay, now we might be getting somewhere...When I was soaking the wood
about an inch of it was sticking out of the bucket and at one point I noticed
something was growing on it, but I thought it was just algae.. I'll try to remove
the wood and change out a bunch of water, but my guess is that it's probably
in the water now.. If that's the case, are there any 
treatments I can use to get rid of the fungus without hurting my sword plants?
(New tank, that's all I have in there right now other than a couple of baby java ferns from
another tank)
On Friday 16 August 2002 01:48, Jason wrote:

> My question
> is, could it be the driftwood that is causing the KH drop?

It might be.  I think there are a few instances where it's happened.  In the 
cases I recall the aquarium water was kept at a pretty low pH and that isn't 
the case in your tank.  There are fungi that attack wood and produce strong 
acids as a byproduct, but I don't know for sure that any of those fungi are 
aquatic.  You probably would not see a fungus until it went into a 
reproductive mode.

Frequent partial water changes might be the best way for you to maintain the 
KH.  Your tank water KH will always be variable and lower than your tap water 

Roger Miller

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