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RE: LaMotte Test Kits

This is an update to my post on LaMotte kits from last month.

A gentleman with the last name of "LaMotte" has been working 
with me to get some of my packaging issues fixed.  It turns out 
that there were some quality control problems with poorly fitting 
lids on the new boxes, my complaint about size and internal 
packaging design not withstanding.  Future kits may (or may not) 
have some of my suggestions considered but I think they are 
sincere in their efforts to accommodate customer concerns when 
possible.  As James Purchase suggested,  I plan on combining 
much of my test equipment in a custom case now anyway.  

The LaMotte reagent refills alone cost more than the brand-X 
Nitrate or Phosphate kits but a recent side-by-side "test off" 
proves the LaMotte superior IMO.  Whether it is worth 7 times 
as much is for you to decide.  I do these tests frequently and 
I'm glad I have good equipment.

If you are considering buying a LaMotte test kit I recommend 
you look through all of their available kits at
 http://www.lamotte.com/pages/food/testlist.html .  This link 
has dozens of kits that are not normally listed in the usual 
aquarium supplies catalog including, for example, a combination 
low-range Nitrate&Phosphate kit and 15 different pH tests 
(including several narrow range tests).

Lyndle Schenck