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Re: Ghost Shrimp

Sam asked:
>I was thinking about dumping 100 ghost shrimp into my 75 gallon tank >to 
>take care of my algae problems. Has anyone ever put in this many? >There's
>plenty of hiding places for the shrimp so I'm hoping most survive the
>onslaught of my bluegills and cichlids.

Their survival depends on the size of the mouth of the largest fish in the 
tank. Sounds like a potential shrimp cocktail special treat for those fish! 
I would remove all potential predators to give them half a chance. Most 
importantly, I would seek out the environmental or water quality imbalance 
that is causing the algae to proliferate. Even a hundred shrimp may not be 
able to keep up with production. Then there is a chance that they may not be 
able to eat it, depending on species (both algae and shrimp).


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