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Re: More Buzz about the Fuzz Algae

Your stuff sounds a bit different than mine -- maybe -- but I don't
have a picture to send you and vice versa.  Anyhow, yours still sounds
like a cladophora, too, but maybe a different kind -- not that I'm
qualified to classify algae, mind you.

For what it's worth, I could be clearer about my stuff.  It's tough as
iron -- literally the toughest strand type of algae material I have
ever come across.  When it grows on driftwood the under layer looses
some of it's grip after a while -- that's when you can grab it very
firmly between thumb and forefinger and yank off a small patch -- it
works best if you scrape and yank at the same time.  On Alabama swamp
wood, the outer surface is a bit soft-- I think this is what lets me
get away with yanking any of the messy green stuff off the driftwood. 
[Note: if you let the stuff get covered, really covered, with BGA, it
tends to die underneath and peels very easily -- how Draconian! :-]

When it's at its peak flourish, you can grab as firmly as you want, and
all you can pull off is the the parts literally right between you thumb
and finger.  For another example, if it gets a foothold on a power head
or pplumbing it survives a nylon brushing rather well and generally
needs to be scraped off.  It grabs gravel; can't be pulled off leaves. 
You don't want to get this stuff under your fingernails. :-(

I could dry some and mail it to you, Daphne, for comparison but you
probably don't want anything like this in your house -- or any more
things like this in your house.

Is there someone out there with a microscope and a copy of Prescott (or
something similar) that will accept mailings and maybe give an ID of my
stuff and Daphne's nightmare?

Scott H.

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