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Re: Catching SAE

Regarding catching fish in a heavily planted tank, Rachel asked: >How do I 
catch them?

Well, Normally I would use a divider, like a piece of egg crate cut to fit 
the width of the aquarium, and herd the fish into one end then quickly 
insert the divider. Usually I have to alter the aquascape where the divider 
will go to make this work. This may, or may not, be an option depending on 
your aquascape and the size of the fish. Once the fish are corralled, I 
lower the water level to give them less room to avoid the net.

Another option, and the least destructive I think, involves a lot of 
patients. First, I stop feeding the fish for several days. Then I take a 
large fine-mesh net and put one sinking food pellet (or food tablet) into 
the net and put the net into the tank up against the glass panel leaving 
about a 2 inch gap. Then I wait for the right fish to enter the net to eat. 
If the food gets eaten by other fish I just replace the pellet with another 
one. If there are several fish in the net feeding and the one you want 
enters, take them all and separate them later. This can take quite a while 
but eventually I get the right fish caught without destroying the plants. I 
have not used the various traps that are available.


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