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Re: How to kill a big turtle?

If it really is a small pond he can rent a pump and pump most of the 
water out.  Then, there will be no place for the miscreant to hide. 
I would give it a ride to a pond or river a couple of miles away.

I have caught quite a few turtles while fishing, although never one 
as big as 10 pounds. They like worms.   Watch out!, They are mad when 
you reel them in, and want to bite you.

I used to catch turtles for a physiology lab when the school where I 
teach was low on funds and we couldn't afford to order them.  I found 
that the kind of long-handled net sold for netting out leaves and 
other things that fall in swimming pools was quite effective.  You 
have to wait patiently until the turtle sticks its head up, and then 
move fast!  Your brother should anoint himself liberally with 
mosquito repellant.  West Nile virus, you know.

Paul Krombholz in well-watered central Mississippi, with 
thundershowers the last three afternoons, and more forecast for