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Re: Potassium sulphate (was APD V5 #278

Hello Dean,

Potassium sulphate will NOT add hardness to the water.

Magnesium sulphate will!



> Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 23:58:42 +0930
> From: "Dean and Melissa Williams" <DMWILLIAMS at bigpond_com>
> Subject: Potassium Sulphate
> Hi
> Can somebody tell me if adding Potassium Sulphate to the aquarium will make the hardness go up ??
> does the sulphate harden the water ?
> My tap water is 130ppm GH and 150ppm KH with a PH of 8.2
> my aquarium water is 170ppmGH and 220ppmKH with a PH of 7 using CO2 to bring the PH
> as my wife wants to change from J.Ornatus  to  Discus we have to soften the water and keep it that way in the planted tank ,
>  as I dose with Potassium Sulphate & M.sulphate regularly  I thought I would ask the people in the know.
> Thanking you
>                     Dean (outback OZ)