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I've had good luck with an algae crew of SAE's, snails, some type of
livebearer (platies usually), otos and Rosy Barbs.  When I first had the
algae similar to what you describe I dropped in some Rosy Barbs.  After a
few days it went away.  My best guess is that the fish ate it rather than it
just died out (no kidding!).

Get bigger barbs as I had some baby ones that didn't do anything to it in a
smaller tank.  Over 1" (they grow to over 2").

From Charlotte,
Chris F.

P.S.  Drop an email if you get a chance (ferrell_chris at hotmail_com)!

 >I have had a problem with [an alga sp.] for a long time but have never
 >determined exactly what it is. Mine is branched, 1/4 to 1/2 long, dark
 >green filaments that form a clump.  It sticks to stuff so effectively that
 >you can pick up one piece of Flourite that has it attached and three
 >other pieces of Flourite may come out with the algae holding them
 >together like a necklace.