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Re: fuzz algae

Daphne Freeman

> Is there a source for good close up pictures of the various

That's just what this hobby needs -- good close-ups of algae for ID
purposes.  Is that beard or brush or tuft or thread or red but really
black or really green??????  Can we hire a photog and send her or him
to Tom's?

If what you have is what I have, even bristlenose won't go for it. 
Does it grow in mats on driftwood?  Is it tough enough you can yank
patches of it off the wood and the patches hold together?   I have
learned to live with it in the one tank that has it -- many people
comment favorably on it.  Go figure.  It isn't aggressive when
conditions are favorable for (other) plants, but it's as persistent as

I think it is a cladophora.  So much for amateur ID.

I think definitive ID for many algae requires a microscope -- that and
a copy of Prescott's 3rd Edition, *How To Know Freshwater Algae.*

If you want to really get to know them, you have to go out to dinner
and be a good listener.

Scott H.

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