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fuzz algae

Well, my 29-gallon has been looking great and growing quite well, lots of
perling and smiling fish. My problem is with spreading fuzz algae (some of
you I have contacted off list to discuss). Well, it's spreading more and
more. Started on the wide leaves of an amazon sword, then onto valisneria,
now onto stargrass, marsilea, and riccia. I'm creating co2 by yeast/sugar
thing, for the most part it has worked well, but I fear the highs and lows
of it are causing some problems. I'm dosing with PMDD and have increased the
KNo3% in the mix because it hasn't been at a high enough level to be
detected. Lighting is (2) 40watt compact fluorescents for 8-hours a day.

Any suggestions for remedies? I unhooked the co2 last night and covered the
tank with black plastic. My thinking is that if the tank-blackouts for 4-5
days, it will weaken the fuzz algae and maybe the ottos can eat up the rest?
My LFS still hasn't gotten the SAE's in yet! AAAAgh

I'm not too thrilled with doing the light-out method (neither is my wife,
who doesn't care to see a large black plastic box in the living room). Does
lights out really help to kill back the algae?

A drastic measure would be to remove all the fish and bomb the algae with
Simazine. But, I don't like that idea much either, but I'm sure if things
don't get better, it will be more tempting.

I guess I'm not sure if I'm dosing too little PMDD or too much? I add about
10-15ml every two days just to keep it showing via Sera Fe test kit. I'll
admit, I don't have a consistent schedule or routine for testing and dosing.
I will however, when things are bad test for days in a row. I think part of
me is afraid of overdosing the ferts.

If the plants are growing well, will the fuzz die off, or does it have to be
removed or knocked a blow, by lights-out or chemical agent?

Or is the answer as simple as getting those SAE in there pronto and they
will clean it up lights on or off?

any thoughts would be appreciated by me and my black-plastic-phobia wife.

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Flash MX to make videos