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Re: Balancing CO2 and O2 with a Safety Factor

Jason Sullivan sked....

> I have a 46gal tank with a DIY CO2 generator plumbed into a Magnum 350
> canister.  I have redirected the returns and stopped using an air pump to
> minimize surface agitation (and CO2 loss) as the plants generate more than
> adequate O2.
> While vacationing, my lighting fixture failed and the plants stopped O2
> production.  With the summer time heat pushing the tank to 80-84 degC, the
> resulting lack of O2 (my hypothesis) killed several species of pleco (all
> that were in the tank).  All other fish survived without note.
> My concern is that in achieving the higher CO2 availability, I put the O2
> sensitive species at risk.  Has anyone else noticed a similar risk?

Yes, at least three times that I recall. I lose older barbs, older SAEs,
and ancistrus cats.