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Balancing CO2 and O2 with a Safety Factor

From what i understand about CO2/O2 relationship is that their isn't much.
They work independently for the most part.  My guess is that it was not the
lack of O2 that killed the fish but too much CO2.  The concentration
probably climbed very high when the lights went out thus disabling the
fish's respiration.  fish breath osmosis.  Obsorb O2 through gills and let
out CO2 into the water.  This works because things work to equalize
concentration through permiable membranes.  If the concentration of CO2 was
high in the tank the fish could not get rid of it.

Furthermore because of the heat wave you had the DIY CO2 generator picked up
the pace of CO2 production cause yeast move faster as the temp goes up.

No lights
High temps seemed to have equaled a CO2 dump

just my guess

I know you don't want to hear this but consider a pressurized CO2 system.
It is expensive at first but I have a 75 and a 125 running off the same
tank.  I replace the tank every so often but for the most part it is worry