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RE: Lighting for 75 Gallon Tank

Oceanic makes great tanks but they really suck when it comes to their
lights, and have done so for years.  If they now use the same PC's setup as
All-Glass then they really suck.  I got rid of my 2 x 55 watt  x 2 All-Glass
setups about a year ago and am very happy that I did.  First of all they
just have a flat reflector, not a lot of light bounces out of that.  They
get way hotter than the A/H setups.  I don't have the need for fans on the
A/H setups either.  You can go to their website and see how they suggest you
build a hood for their lights.  On one side of my 210 I had the All glass
PC's 2 x 2 x 55, on the other side an A/H lighting with 4 of their 55 watt
setups with real reflectors.  If was like a flashlight was on one side and a
searchlight on the other.  Switch the bulbs out, same difference.  The
reflector is the difference.  You can buy a 4 foot box from A/H to put it in
so you don't even have to cut anything!  In my opinion you would be very
unwise to go in the route of the Allglass/Oceanic fixtures.  When you see
them compared to PC's with real reflectors there isn't any comparison.  You
heard Tom say it too :-) so go with the A/H stuff.

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com

> I would be interested to know how the Oceanic lights are made, if
> someone would chime in on that.

Pretty sure Oceanics are the same as used by All-Glass.  The PCs are GE
bulbs and Oceanic generally makes high quality stuff.

Scott H.