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Re: Lighting for 75-gallon tank

Wayne Jones said " <waj at mnsi_net>
> A
> cooling fan is not really necessary unless you have no ventilation in
> your lamp enclosure.
The purpose of cooling fan is to move heat away from your tank so that
the water temp doesn't go too high.  Whether a fan is necessary to do
that depends on several things, not jsut the lights: Ambient room
temperature, your heater set up (some heaters keep keating even when
temps are above the desired level), open/closed aquarimum covering,
heat from lights, heat from pumps/powerheads.  In most normal rooms in
sumer, with ambient temps around 78 degrees or higher, and lots of
lights and a covered top and lots of water flow, you probably will need
some supllemental air movement to keep water temps at 80 degrees for

But whether yo will need a fan depends on your particular set up and a
room fan might be all you need if you need supplemental air movement.

You can always add room fans or add hood fans later.  You can wait and
see how things go without them.  Fall is coming soon and you might
defer a fan purchase anyway until next summer.  :-)

Scott H. 

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