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Re: Lighting for 75 Gallon Tank

 JoAnn VanDersarl said:

> As far as CF's and cooling fans go...
> My JBJ's have fans and the housing still cracked ( I assume from the 
> heat). I think I would definitely go with fans. Just try to find 
> lights with a nice thick plastic on them, if they have any plastic at
> all. 
Generally, thicker materials more easily crakc from heat/cooling
expansion and ocntracatin than thinnner materials.  More imporant is
what the plastic is made of and how it is used.  Aluminum expands more
than plastic.  Could be that JBJ's problem is the the aluminum expands
more than the plastic endpieces can bear.  That would just be a faulty
design.  Not the first comlaint I've hard about JBJ.

> Mine have plastic endcaps and those didn't hold up. That's very 
> dissapointing when the fixture is just over a year old:(
> Sob...anyway....
> I would be interested to know how the Oceanic lights are made, if 
> someone would chime in on that.

Pretty sure Oceanics are the same as used by All-Glass.  The PCs are GE
bulbs and Oceanic generally makes high quality stuff.

Scott H.

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