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Re: Lighting for 75-gallon tank

Julie Baxes wrote:
 > Hi,all,
 > I'm finally purchasing a 75-gallon tank. It will be heavily planted
 > with CO2. I'd like to have about 3 watts per gallon and am not sure
 > how to accomplish this efficiently. Does it make sense to get a
 > twin-tube strip light and retrofit it with an AH Supply kit? I've
 > also seen Oceanic CF fixtures in my favorite mail-order catalog. I
 > also wondered if CF bulbs emit heat that require a cooling fan. I
 > don't want a complicated setup.

If you're going to use a hood, don't bother getting the strip light with 
the tank. It is much easier to work with a good hood in my opinion. 
Also, the space containing the lights is much larger so that the heat 
has time to dissapate before getting too hot.

The AH Supply lights are great by the way.

PS - Hello from Fort Collins, CO. There are some of us around the state, 
but no planted tank groups that I know of :-(