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Re: Lighting for 75 Gallon Tank


I can't offer anything in the way of advice about retrofitting, other 
than to say that if you are so inclined, you could probably save some 
money by doing that. I do know that AH Supply has been excellent to 
deal with since I buy my light bulbs there.

As far as CF's and cooling fans go...

My JBJ's have fans and the housing still cracked ( I assume from the 
heat). I think I would definitely go with fans. Just try to find 
lights with a nice thick plastic on them, if they have any plastic at 
all. Mine have plastic endcaps and those didn't hold up. That's very 
dissapointing when the fixture is just over a year old:(


I would be interested to know how the Oceanic lights are made, if 
someone would chime in on that.

JoAnn - in Pueblo, Colorado where it almost never rains and is much too hot.