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Re: Congo Tertras

I have seen them become a bit nippy, about the same as Columbian
Tetras.  This isn't pure meanness but seems to be territoriality. 
Although these fish travel in schools-sort of more or less.  They
establish a pecking order -- if you can distinguish the fish, you can
distinguish the order.  It's not as blatant or nasty as with Tiger
Barbs, but it's there.  In a small tank, the territory that one fish
wants is close tot the size of the tank -- so they're not such a good
choice, I think, in a five or six gallon tank.  The 1st in the order
tends to dominate the whole tank, chasing anyone that gets into the
territory.  In a larger tank, everyone can find a place to call its
own, and manners seem much improved.  

I imagine these traits vary widely depending on the strain (whether
caught in the wild, inbreeding, etc.)

I said "nippy" but bumping is more like it; they rarely actually take a

Scott H.

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