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Re: pH monitor tips....

> From: Dgrim62 at cs_com
> Subject: Subject: Re: pH Monitor Tips -- What?  No Probing Puns?
> Gil (gillmannsf at cswebmail_com) said, in part:
> > . . . Today's monitors and probes have a
> > temperature sensor included in the probe and the
> > correction is done automatically, which is why we don't
> > need to worry about this factor.
> Wonder why the calibration fluids are marked for temperature.  They
> were made for old (type) probes?  They are old fluids? . . .

	There is a distinction between temperature correction for the
_probe_ and the variability of the pH of the _buffer_ solution with

> I have a packet of American Marine pH 7.0 calibration fluid in front of me 
> now. The correction table shows you that 77 deg. Farenheit you should adjust 
> the monitor to 7.000. The difference in the correction values for higher 
> temps (86 DF) is 6.988 or lower temps (68DF) is 7.016 and is so negligible 

	For our purposes, right.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada