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Re: Black Brush Alga

Tony said....

> I've been trying to deal with red algae (brush/audouinella) for more
> than a year in my 30 gallon. It thrives on low pH/CO2 injection and
> bright light and grows almost as well as the plants. Thirty-two SAEs
> have been grazing round the clock for three weeks now. I don't feed
> these 1.75 inch workers. They love what Baensch calls the "pelt" algae,
> but they avoid the black brush species. Tonight I got fed up and did
> a thorough cleaning -98% of it is gone. I'll give them another three
> weeks to complete the job and then let you know my opinion as to
> whether or not they are being oversold as red algae munchers.

Hi Tony,

I've never found small SAEs to be much interested in BBA, although
they will nibble on the various hair and pelt alga. It also helps
to feed them a moderate amount of fish food. This seems to encourage
them to graze. It's almost as if the young need the nutrition to
steel themselves to confront the less palatable fair. They also
prefer fairly open tanks with little overhead plant cover and a
good current .

Older SAEs will quickly clean up a tank full of BBA. Be patient.