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Black Brush Alga

I've been trying to deal with red algae (brush/audouinella) for more
than a year in my 30 gallon. It thrives on low pH/CO2 injection and
bright light and grows almost as well as the plants. Thirty-two SAEs
have been grazing round the clock for three weeks now. I don't feed
these 1.75 inch workers. They love what Baensch calls the "pelt" algae,
but they avoid the black brush species. Tonight I got fed up and did
a thorough cleaning -98% of it is gone. I'll give them another three
weeks to complete the job and then let you know my opinion as to
whether or not they are being oversold as red algae munchers.

I never had much luck using the PMDD method. It does grow plants
though. Since I don't test for iron, levels may be a bit high. I do
keep nitrates at 3 to 10 ppm and I doubt that one could detect a
phosphate atom in the tank. I've found cessation of the CO2 injection,
or prolonged light deprivation to be somewhat effective. It doesn't
do much for the flora though.