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ancistris, farlowellas and riccia

After a horrible riccia incident with some flag fish, I was wondering if
either farlowellas or ancistris think of it as a salad bar?

Currently, I am utilizing SAE's, Amano shrimp, and ottos for the algae crew.
Unfortunately, that nasty pom-pom algae (cladophora?) has returned.  I think
it may be related to low nitrate and I am trying to get a handle on that.
Yesterday, I cleaned my Eheim (canister, not hoses) and replaced hoses and
cleaned the CO2 reactor which had a bunch of gunk in it.  None of the
existing algae crew will eat this stuff.  The flag fish did, but as I said,
they simultaneously wiped out my riccia.  Our LFS has some regular
farlowellas, royal farlowellas and a solid black, rather flat 3 inch
ancistris.  No other info on the particular variety of ancistris

Once before, I got this stuff under control and think I can again (in theory
anyway) but was wondering if either of these fish would be of any benefit?
The tank is a 92 gallon and also contains discus, a zebra pleco, Adolfo
corys and cardinals.

In one posting on APD it said some ancistris were obnoxious and I don't want
to go down that route!  In another, I got the impression that perhaps
farlowellas were questionable on some algaes as well.  I don't want anything
that eats my riccia either :)

Any comments?

Guess I could always join the JoAnn club if I can't get this under control
and it explodes!  That was one hilarious site!!

Thanks as always.

Daphne in parched Atlanta