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Green Light Stump Remover

It just hurts to pay $6 for a pound of Green Light Stump 
Remover when you can buy the EXACT same thing from 
Southern States in a 50 pound bag for $12.

If you do not have a Southern States store in your area try 
any agricultural / farm supply that provides bulk fertilizer services.  

BTW I expected some scrutiny when I bought three bags 
but the salesman said the only chemical that they had restrictions 
on was urea.

And yes, I actually use it to burn out stumps.

Lyndle Schenck

	I've been looking for Stump Remover at my local home/garden stores (Home Depot,
	Ace, Frank's), and I have not had any luck. Before I spend $4.25 plus $6.50
	shipping & handling buying directly from Green Light, does anyone know where
	else I can go? I live in the Chicago suburbs. Thank you!