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Re: vortex reactor

Andrew .S said, in part:

> i was actually looking at designing a centrigual filtration system
> similar 
> to the vortex diffuser mentioned on this thread for an aquarium
> design i 
> worked on previously. the idea being to remove solid wastes
> the 
> centrifugal action and also act as a diffuser to introduce co2
> efficiently into the system.

It's all the rage with vacuum cleaner manufacturers (cyclonic this and
tornado that), although once the dirt goes past the intake, I don't 
care what adventure it has inside the machine.  For large dust &
debris containment systems (for example sawdust vacuum systems at wood
mills) the centrifugal action makes sense simply to separate the larger
material so that it can be stored separately and kept off of the filter
screen.  But that's not really an issue with home vacuum cleaners.

So I wonder, why not just use a sponge of reticulated foam for
mechanical filtration?  It's simple and easy to clean.  I think the
same is true of CO2 reactors -- they needn't be gigantic nor have
tremendous water flows to work if they are enclosed chambers that don't
easily let the gas leak out undissolved.  I think Tom's elegantly
simple design shows that.

I think I'd rather have mechanical filtration occur before the reactor
so that the reactor doesn't have to be disassembled to remove the
detritus.  Of course there's a lot of mental detritus in this old
brain, so maybe I just don't get it.

Of course, gadgets can be inherently interesting to some (including me)
just because of their mechanics.

Scott H.

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