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Re; Accidental Planted Aquarist

F. Tadeo wrote:

"You must share more of your secrets with us :)"

Well now, funny you should mention that. The accidental planted 
aquarist can do things that your "ordinary" planted aquarist can only 
dream about. In the next edition we'll explore the various crafts and 
handy household items that you can create from the bounty found 
within the accidental aquarium.

I'll tantalize your tastebuds with things like:

1. Handle bar mustache disguise for those times when you're running 
from the law.

2. Homemade Hairpiece - Appear before the senate in this stylish 
flip-top! Ideal for those on a budget.

3. What part of "grow" don't you understand?

I can see I may have a kind of cult following here. Hold onto your 
shorts, there will be more ;)




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