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Re: toxicity of trisodium phosphate....

> From: "Daphne Freeman" <daphne.freeman at charter_net>
> Subject: toxicity of tri-sodium phosphate and the planted aquarium
> I have a pair of incredible bonsai scissors that I used on my orchids many
> moons ago.  To sanitize them, I would soak them in a Tri-sodium phosphate
> and water solution. It drives off the oxygen when saturated in water

	I can't see how it would do that.  It's prettty alkaline - the
pH of the solution will be something like 13, which may be how it does..

> and
> allows you to sanitize cutting instruments.


> It is sold in the painting
> section at Home Depot but I have no idea what painters use it for.   I no
> longer use it on my orchids and wondered if simply soaking it in water or
> wiping it down with alcohol and rinsing would make it safe to use in my
> tank.

	Just rinse with water.  A tiny bit in the tank will cause no problems.
I use K2HPO4 all the time to supply phosphate, Na3PO4 will do the same, but
is too alkaline to use in significant amounts.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada