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Re: Eheim -- A pronounced issue

john wheeler asked:

> How is "Eheim" properly pronounced?
> I've said it in my head 1,000 times, but have never
> spoken it aloud until today, and boy am I embarassed;)

Don't be embarrassed.  My last name has offered me countless
opportunities to sample confusion over "ie" and "ei" combinations.  It
is an extremely common cause for mispronunciation. 

English is a Germanic language and the same rule applies in both:  for
a long E sound, it's "i" before "e" (except after c).  It's "e" before
"i" for the sound of long "i."

Of course, there's no accounting for dialects within a language. 
Despite what currency a particular pronunciation might have, especially
with surnames, families people sometimes remint a term --  I know it's
spelt S-A-D-E but it's pronounced like "Roger."

Hope that helps,
Scott H.
The "H" stands for Hieber, which I'll never be able to pronounce like
everyone else, can you guess why? ;-)

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