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R. macrandra

I recently got my first batch of R. macrandra, and would like some advice. It 
is growing fast, and with good color, but the internode space is 1-1.5in. It 
is not shaded,and has good CO2 (around 40ppm). The tank is a 55, with 160w NO 
flor., a mix of 5000k and 6700k bulbs, less than 6mo old. I ran out of TMG 
just before I got this plant, so I have no micros to dose right now. Could 
the lack of micros be a factor in the long internode space? Any advice would 
be helpful.
other specs:
NO3 <5ppm
PO4 <1ppm
Fe- not tested, add every 3 or 4 days Flourish Iron

Tim Armstrong