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Re: Red plants

>> Is it true that red plants that have all nutrients available and is
>> very well actually turns green and this is a sign of good health, and to
>> get really red color you have to limit either P or N?
>Some do, some don't, it's difficult to make a broad statement here. Pick a
>specific plant to talk about.
>> // Daniel Larsson,
>In _GENERAL_, lower NO3 will produce more intense reds with good PO4,K,
>lighting, traces, substrate.
>Adding KNO3 to 10ppm or higher etc can turn many red plants green.
>N stressed plants grow slower, redder generally. I'd stick with the 5-10ppm
>and be careful running it lower than that. Bottoming out the NO3 can be
>problematic and create many issues. I've gotten good at it without killing
>or harming plants. But.........some folks will not be so lucky.
>Tom Barr

After more searching in the archives I found this:
Which correlates well with the fact that Nitrogen deficiency will
trigger anthocyanin:

Should I get an UV-lamp (reptile-lamp)? This must be a lot
better than trying to induce Nitrogen deficiency symptoms?

// Daniel Larsson,