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RE: CO2 Reactor

Well, I started to build a CO2 reactor according to the two plans EO
gave me (Thanks EO =).  I only have one problem and I thought I'd run it
by you guys.  I ventured down to home depot to pick up the parts
necessary for the reactor.  I wasn't too happy to find I needed three
parts to do the job instead of 1 manifold and a pipe with a cap at the
end.  Anyway, I got a 9-way, 1/4" manifold from Toro lawn and garden
supplies.  Its really neat except its designed to work in the opposite
direction.  It goes from a 1/2" female, threaded to the cap which has 9,
1/4" barbed outlets for drip irrigation.  I used 4 of the caps and am
planning to use 1 outlet for water intake (already tapped the sump
return) and 4 for the 4, 2 liter bottle, CO2 mixes I use.  The only
problem is...when attached to the sump return, the water flows from the
sump line into the 4, 2 liter bottles.  I was wondering if you guys
thought a simple check valve would do the trick in making sure the air
went the right way?  I'm slightly worried that the pressure of the CO2
may cause other problems before being able to push the pressure of the
sump return back to the manifold, where it meets a 12"x1" pvc pipe
filled with my aquarium gravel.  Lemme know what you think!  I was just
gonna go down to the LFS and pickup 4 check valves and put them inline
with the 4 lines from 2 liter bottles...so, will it work?