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More OT but amusing -- or MAK the knife

Mary Alice Kropp said, in part:

> We were on vacation last week and had rented a house in VT. One of
> the
> amenities of this place was a very nice hot tub on the deck.  The
> owners had
> left a box with the appropriate chemicals and instruction booklet
> next to
> it. 
> I said, "Yeah, but I KNOW all this! Where's the part that says what
> values
> I'm testing for and how to rebalance it???"
> And they say we are just "playing" with all this aquarium stuff! We
> are
> learning useful, life information! :)

You cut right to the heart of the matter, one past-time breeds another.
 Let us know in which of the tanks, the stock is easier to care for.


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