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TMG dosage

Today I bought my first Fe test kit. JBL. I'm quite satisfied with it.
I mixed 1 ml of TMG with 1 litres of clean tap water (10 times the
recommended dosage) and tested it for Fe. My tap water is 
completely free of Fe btw.
The result was apx 0.5 ppm of Fe. 
This would suggest that the, by Tropica, recommended dosage
of TMG would set a level of 0.05 ppm Fe - which is about
half the recommended Fe level this list often recommend 
(0.1 ppm).
This seems right due to the fact that Tropica must recommend
a dosage for all kinds of setups (low light, low CO2) and 
because of this fact they have aimed a bit low.

Should I start to double the dose of TMG to my high light and
high CO2 setup? (I have 2,6 watts/gallon of fullspectrum 
flourecents and adequate CO2-levels).

// DanielLarsson,