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OT, but amusing

We were on vacation last week and had rented a house in VT. One of the
amenities of this place was a very nice hot tub on the deck.  The owners had
left a box with the appropriate chemicals and instruction booklet next to
it. My husband picked up the book and began reading to see what we would
need to do to maintain the thing. After a page or two, he handed the book to
me, saying: "This is your thing. You're in charge of the hot tub!"  I took
the book and looked at the page he had been reading: It was a discussion of
pH, alkalinity and buffering, and why it was important! I had to laugh- then
I said, "Yeah, but I KNOW all this! Where's the part that says what values
I'm testing for and how to rebalance it???"

And they say we are just "playing" with all this aquarium stuff! We are
learning useful, life information! :)

 New Hampshire, USA, where we had rain yesterday, but today is hot, hot,
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