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Re: Dispensing PMDD/Frequency

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I've found that it is easier
to dose all fertilizers in a dry form using the Rondomatic fish
feeder/dispenser. I never could get the PMDD components to completely
dissolve either.  I use:


and enter '1' as the number of milliters of water in the solution - it's a
hypothetical calculation that works to come up with the amount of the dry
dose. Since the Rondomatic has 28 cups, it's easy enough to dose every day.
I suppose you could skip every two cups if you wanted, but it's there so why
not use it? At present each cup has K2SO4 and the CSM trace element mix. I
currently dose KNO3 in response to Nitrate testing, but expect to close in
on an average daily at some point. I like not having to keep up with
anything else, although refilling the cups once a month is a real chore.