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Re: Doing the Lobelia

> I've done it and I agree that dwarf Lobelia can make a beautiful foreground.
> I don't think I'd call it low-maintenance though.

Compared to? Riccia, Gloss, Hairgrass(okay it's easier but some folks have
troubles with it), etc.

>  The plant grows straight
> up, so every now and then you have to take all of it out, shorten everything,
> remove the side shoots and replant.  I did this every couple months with my
> ten gallon tank and I considered it to be a major chore.  You can probably go
> longer between trims in a deeper tank.

That's about right. My chore last about 15 minutes. I can live with that. It
also looks good and is very straight forward pruning job unlike Gloss/Riccia

I don't think well ever be 100% happy when it comes to being lazy about
pruning/trimming etc. But it is better than many weeds.

Larger tanks will enjoy the effect more, since it is a bit like Giant gloss,
without the runners and is easier to grow  for most folks.
Tom Barr