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RE: Lobelia foregrounds

>>Well not many folks do layouts with Lobelia are the main foreground (A
>>folks in Europe do) but I wonder why not:

Hmmm <GRIN> ... my Lobelia cardinalis are now pushing the 20 inches tall
... I have one that is now growing about 4 inches emersed from the
bottom of a 24 inch 180 gallon tank ...  They make a great *Background*
plant for me<GRIN>!!!!

.... I wonder if what I have is the DWARF version or not <GRIN>!!!!!

I actually bought the plans originally anticipating a foreground plant -
imagine my surprise when what I planted in the foreground reached the 24
inch top of my tank <G>!

I'm letting the one specimen grow emersed out of the tank because I've
read that they can develop a purple leaf color when not growing

So how do you trim a "non" dwarf version of Lobelia?  I am only weeks
away from having to do something ... Can the tops be cut an planted like
traditional stem plants?