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RE: CO2 reactor

Wow!  Thanks for the great responses!  I will be heading out today to
get parts to build this puppy =)  

Incidentally, a few months back I wrote a bunch of times on cloudy
water.  Just wanted to let everyone know that problem was resolved by
using white fiber filtration media in my canister filter and hitting the
tank with a large dose of accu-clear.  Accu-clear had worked in the past
to keep the tank clear, but only for a few days, I found with the
combination of mech. Filtration and accu-clear I was able to clear up
the tank and remove the (whatever-it-was) cloud into the media.  A quick
change of media after 1 DAY!!! And the tank was happy.  I now constantly
run that canister filter in this tank for worries it may cloud up again,
and change it routinely (every 2 weeks, or sooner if the media needs
it).  I usually only replace half the fiber, the part that gets really
dirty, and rotate it out on that basis.  Inside the fiber is carb chunks
in a small cage (Magnum 350 canister).  The system works nicely, just
thought I'd share =)