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newbie questions

thanks fo clearing up the angelfish story. From my experiments with
kitty litter and the pond soil, what I read of flourite, (whatever that
is) sounds good. the kitty litter turned to mush and clouds the water,
same with pond soil. Don't want to deal wth cloudy water if i don't have
to. I do have a 10 gal that I am going to use with pond soil, just as an
experiment.........that large banana plant is doing good at the moment.
One leaf is in the process of withering but there is a new one shooting
up, and another has reached the surface. Does anyone know if the key to
propagating these plants is to cut the ones that reach the surface? I
don't have luck with cuttings from below. Tank is 3 months old, maybe
more time?..........from what I have read so far, plants need light,
C02, nutrients and trace elements. the C02 comes from the fish, as does
the nutrients from fish waste. And as far as the trace elements,
calcium, magnesium and sulpher come from the tap water in water changes,
and iron has to be added. (it is in the plantgro fertilizer I have) Is
that basically it? And when doing water changes is it best to take the
water from the top or bottom, or no difference. just wondering, thanks,
RTS near Boston