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Re: close shaves with razors

Scott H. said in part:

> Tony Schembri said, in part: 
>> If you keep the blade perfectly flush with the glass surface ,,, no
>> damage
>> CAN occur. 

> One problem with razor blades is that, if you don't keep the edge the
> edge perfectly flat against the glass, you're likely to permanently
> scratch the glass.

I've been using razor scrapers to clean aquariums for ummm... a long time 
without scratching the glass.  As a result I don't know that I would say a 
scratch is likely.  I was surprised the first time this thread came up and 
I'm surprised again.  My experience is pretty much in agreement with Tony's.  
I'd have to go out of my way to scratch the glass with my razor scrapers.

I don't know why we have such differing experiences.  Perhaps we aren't using 
the same type of scrapers or blades.  The blades I use are the ones that were 
once commonly used for shaving; double edged, very thin and (in my case) made 
by Gillette.  The blades are so thin and flexible that I would have to make a 
great effort to put enough force against the glass to make a scratch.  It 
might be much easier to get the necessary force against the glass if you use 
one of those heavy, single-edged things that is made specifically for 
scraping, or some other kind of steel blade.

Roger Miller