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Tropica Master Grow Fertilizer - NO direct - shipment restriction !?!?

Dear Aquatic Plants reders

In the Digest V5 #184 Kevin von Finger wrote:

>Can it be...no TMG?
>We probably should get the info straight from Tropica.
Here it is .... :)
Sorry for the delay in my reply! I was in Germany to an Aquarium Plant
Meeting - good to bee together with 20 people who love Aquatic plants!
I like normally to read the list .... but some time I do not find the time
for it .. Thanks to people who brought my attention on it!

As far as I can see there is no "FDA ban/restriction" 's on Master Grow!

The problems are from "another side"!

Canada are changing there roles of import of aquatic plants in growing
They are changed so producers have to go trough something called CGMP
(Canadian Growing Media Program)
In some ways it is like the roles in US (It is not possible to import
aquatic plants in growing media to USA - therefore you can also not bye
Tropica plants in US!)

OK they changed the roles (April 2002) - but forgot to tell the importer and
producers that!
For more than 15 years Tropica send plants to Canada.
But then in May 2002 a shipment of plants from Tropica was stopped of the
inspectors telling that Tropica have to go trough the new CGMP before
sending plants!
The result was that Big Al's (and other costumers) was not receiving plants
and Tropica Master grow since May 2002!
Tropica is now proved as an production facility under CGMP - that the good
news! (perhaps we can use that in US too).
I think that in some few weeks all the permits for our importers are changed
and Tropica will again be able to send aquatic plants and Tropica Master
grow to Canada!
Then the "Big Al's Online" will hopefully again be able to send Tropica
Master grow to USA!

I also hear that there are price changes! From the Tropica side there is no
price changes since a small one in January 2002!

Thank you for giving me this information - it will be solved quickly

"I am happy to know that "TMG is very highly regarded among the member of
the list"!
It is a good product and one of the few with a complete declaration on the

Best regards

Claus Christensen

Tropica Aquarium Plants

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