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Fish stores in CT?

Hello All,

I just recently moved to Connecticut and am looking for good stores around 
here that cater to planted tanks.  Anyone have any suggestions.  I've 
visited a small number of stores in the area, but most of plant deficient.

I'm also going to be setting up a new large tank in the near future.  
Hopefully a 125G tank.  The house that I'll be moving into will have a 
basement.  The floor of the 1st floor are 2X10 beams that run the length of 
the house.  Would it be okay to to put this size tank on the 1st floor of my 
house or would that much weight be too much and dangerous for the first 
floor?  If it's too much, I'll need to rethink the size of the tank and all.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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