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Re: Close shaves with Razors -- and walking other fine lines

Tony Schembri said, in part:

> If you keep the blade perfectly flush with the glass surface ,,, no
> damage
> CAN occur. 

One problem with razor blades is that, if you don't keep the edge the
edge perfectly flat against the glass, you're likely to permanently
scratch the glass.

>  In fact, it never has. Have you been using a rusty razor ?

It doesn't take rust; anything that put an irregularity on the razor's
edge will do it.  For example, if you run the razpr blade down to the
gravel line and the edge gets a very tiny nick.  You then can easily
put very thin scratches in your glass.

> The problem is trying to find a good way for an acrylic tank ,,, they
> scratch so easily. But a good rubdown with a piece of kitchen tissue
> usually
> is enough.
> I never use any kind of scraper on an acrylic tank.

I have used the Kent Marine pro scraper on acrylic without mishap, but
I always feel like I dancing with a tiny devil -- about the way I I
used to feel when using a razor blade on glass.  ;-)

Scott H.

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