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Re:local fish store

I like The Aquarium in Concord, CA. (www.theaquarium.tv).

They have super clean tanks, nice fish, and you can always get SAEs and algae 
eating shrimp there.  Although the plant selection can be hit or miss, they 
do sometimes have harder to find plants- I have seen glossostigma for sale 
there in the past, as well as micranthemum and riccia. 

 Another reason that I like this store is because not only are the 
salespeople knowledgeable, but they care about the welfare of the fish that 
they sell; every time I buy a goldfish there they won't hand it over until 
they know that I have a tank, not a bowl, and that it is large enough for the 
fish.  Also, I have seen them tell people looking for replacement fish for 
"Aquababies" tanks that the only thing that they can sell them is a snail.  

The store carries lots of great equipment too, as well as a large variety of 
substrates, sold by the pound.  Plus, they have a super-cool coral tank that 
is HUGE!

The required disclaimer:  I do not work there, I am not friends with anyone 
who works there, none of my relatives work there, nor any of my ex-relatives 
or pets.

Kristin Goedert

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> Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 13:50:34 -0700
> From: "Roxanne Bittman" <rbittman at dfg_ca.gov>
> Subject: local fish store
> My favorite in the Bay Area is Albany Aquarium:
> 818 San Pablo Ave.
> Albany, CA 94530
> (510) 525 - 1166
> They have excellent plants under great lights and they quarantine all
> their fish before selling them, which means survival in your tank is
> much higher.  They also tend to carry the more unusual small fish that I
> really like for my own aquaria.  Lots of equipment in stock too,
> including power compact fixtures, Eheim cannister filters, the entire
> Seachem line, etc.  Great place.  No connection, I'm just a fan.
> Roxanne Bittman

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