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Re: RE Fish Stores

Roxanne Bittman boosted the Albany Aquarium in my old home town of San
Pablo, CA.  It was the best place to shop 25 years ago.  Real quality
is based on enduring traits!.

Bill (Billinet) pointed out that ThatFishPlace, in Lancaster, PA, has a
huge stock of plants and fish and has a web site.

Indeed ThatFishPlace (now known also by it's newer name ThatPetPlace)
has one of the busiest non-chain pet stores in the country (more a
warehouse than a store) as well as one of the most trafficked web
sites.  The 40% average discount off of retail is one of the reasons. 
Good service and wide selection is another.  I've never been to Big
Al's in Canada, but if the selection and prices reflect it' popular web
site, they must be very nice.  I hear he has a chain of them.

I wish I could say, "I bought ThatPetPlace at 10 cents a share."

Curiously, BigAlsOnline's logo is a shark.  The entrance at
ThatFishPlace/ThatPetPlace (TFP/TPP)is giant shark coming out of the
building at you.  References to sharks usually connote invidious
attorneys, overly aggressive competitors, and smarmy storekeepers.
Neither BigAls nor TFP/TPP act sharklike towards their customers.  If
only the was true of all proprietors.

If you buy hardware and don't check the prices at these two respectable
joints, you're doing yourself a disservice.

Also, if you watch closely, BigAL and TFP/TPP follow each other's sale
items.  If you tell them about a specific item listed for less at the
other's sight, they usually will match it.

Scott H.

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