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Re: Rena Canister

Matt said:

> I should have said <I have cleaned it twice a month> when I had algae
> problems and it was floating all over.  The algae is whipped and the
> cleanings are half that or less.  I just meant that I have opened it
> alot.

Oh.  I was just curious what the filter was on that such relatively
frequent cleanings were needed.  I understand your points, now.

> With all the parts correctly in place yours will start every time
> too.

We finished setting up and went to power up this afternoon.  We skipped
the funnel (didn't have it anyway) and used the prefill method.  The
Rena does a very good job of passively releasing enough gas that the
impeller is in water.  That's all it takes to prime.  I am convinced
this filter is an easy starter.

The tubing needs to be cut to length.  If left too long, it can tend to
flatten and constrict flow.  Stiffer tubing would reduce this tendency
but make the tubing harder to work worth in general.  I think Rena has
a pretty good design.  Time will show how well the short impeller
blades hold up.

The flow is definitely stronger than, e.g., an Eheim 2213 or the
smaller Ecco.  But the media basket is relatively small. The Rena uses
a stronger pump and larger tubes in combinaton with less media.  It 's
a different approach than Eheim (slower flow more media vs faster flow
less media). 

So I think I put my money on a good horse.  Actually, it was my
friend's money so two of us are happy with the choice.

Scott H.

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