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Entire two tanks system for sale or part

40 gallon long tank with cork back
55 gallon with cork back
iron stand for both
120 lbs of flourite + for both
2 - HOT magnums/with sponge prefilters/spray bars
2 - 220 watt x 4 ft lighting fixtures w 5000K/6700K split PC's
2.5"H x 10"W x 48.5"L w reflectors.
Any electric extras etc
2-CO2 reactors w pump
CO2 10lb tank, reg, 2 needle valve manifold
1-Otto 300w heater with controller

Systems takes up 4.5 sq ft of floor space and is about 4ft high

20 gallon long tank, brand new, 2x15 watt light, with onyx sand(30lbs).
Internal Rio filter/HOB hagen filter mini.

Tetra Luft airpump w/rheostat
Whisper 500 w/rheostat
Some test kits slightly used
HOB shelves(3)

If you are interested in the entire set up, I'll toss in the 20, the kits,
etc for free and a load of plants + extras.

I will deliver in the LA-SF corridor(101-5) and help set up. I'm unlikely to
part with the CO2 system and some parts unless the tank/whole system go with
it also.

Email off list for details.

Tom Barr