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RE: plant and fish lists

Travis Kinney wrote:

>Do other people keep lists of plants they have, want to have, fish they
>have, by tank?
>Any creative and nice looking ideas for keeping/ tracking aquatic

>I just keep a Word document list of my plants and update it once in awhile.
>I also enter my water parameters in Microsoft Excel, which creates a
>graph as I collect more info.
>There's got to be some people on this list who have some cool set-ups.

I use a product called "Aquarix".  It may do what you want.  I searched and
searched the internet and found this to be the best available.  Runs about
17 bucks and has a 30 day eval.

Listing of some of the new features of the latest release:

850 images of fish, plants, turtles and invertebrae. 
Databases with all data of common fish and plants. 
Schedule manager allows to add your own schedules. 
Scheduling of waterchange, filtercleaning and light-change Up to 20 filters
and lights are scheduled. 
Event management for virtually every event possible.
Export of all data to Excel, Word, HTML, Text, Sylk, csv and many other
Printing of diary. 
Printing of the complete tankdata as report.
Useful calculators for hardness, temperature, CO2 etc. 
Calculates the mean water values of your tanks to see which watervalues fit
best to your fish/plants.
Complete onlinehelp 
Name database with more than 3000 named Latin / English to help you find the
right name 
Cost and waterusage analysis to show you the real costs of your tanks. You
can even enter airpumps, measurement equipment, R/O-units to see a really
complete costlist.

and a whole lot more!

I may not be the best Planted Tank Caretaker but I do know software and this
one is good!

And NO, I don't work for the developer, DID pay for my copy, and just want
to convey my experience...

Check it out at the following URL:


Michael, from Sunny Northern Indiana where the wife is out mowing the lawn
and i am taking care of my tanks <smyle>...