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Re:Where are all the great LFSs?

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 06:24:31 -0500
From: krombhol at teclink_net (Paul Krombholz)
Subject: Re:Where are all the great LFSs?

In San Diego, CA, check out

Clairemont Tropical Fish
4633 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA 92111

They had Crinum calamistratum, Aponogeton bolivianus, Anubias barteri
coffeefolia and Barclaya longifolia when I was there earlier this
These were not the only plants, of course, just the ones that I

Paul Krombholz in humid central Mississippi where we got at least a half
inch of needed rain yesterday.  

Hope I got this right, this is my first time posting to the list. 
I shop at this LFS quite often. I also trade my cuttings for store
credit. This is a great store with excellent service before and after
the sale. They always have a wide variety of plants and for the last
year, they regularly include notes on the plant tanks in grease pencil
with tips on what individual plants need e.g. high light, low light,
high temp. The also sell locally raised angel fish that are very hardy.

BTW there is an excellent Japanese noodle café 'Chopstix' two doors down
in the strip mall.

Paul Pacelli in hot, dry southern California, just back from attending a
wedding in Chicago where we had more rain in 4 days than we had all year
in San Diego.