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re: CO2 canister refills

Eight dollars is a buck sixty avg. per year -- test cost doesn't seem
like a reason for swapping tanks.  At least not if you have someone
local that can do it.  But, if the swapping arrangment means you don't
have to buy a tank, just put down a security deposit, then swapping
isn't a bad way to go at all.  Even more so if your local supplier has
to send tanks away to be tested.

I will agree with this if your tank was brand new when purchased or you have 
some sentimental reason for keeping it. In my case all my 20# CO2 tanks were 
purchased used, so swapping them out gets me tanks no better or worse than I 
had before, except I know they are tested when needed. Besides, swapping out 
tanks takes about as much time as it does to pay the $12.67 a swap costs me.

The original question was whether swapping out tanks increased the chance of 
regulator or needle valve damage due to a "contaminated" replacement 
cylinder. I've never heard of this happening and I doubt it would. Never been 
an issue, IME. 

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