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Re: scratched tank/green spot

Thank you to all who responded (via posts and private e-mail)! It sounds 
like the razor is the way to go to deal with green spot. I'm curious, 
though - when I was a little kid and my family kept a fish tank, I seem to 
remember having this long-handled scraper that held an actual razor for the 
scraping part. Nowadays, I can only find these things with plastic edges. 
Do they no longer sell the real-razor things?

Where's the cheapest place I can buy the razors to clean the green spot? I 
assume we're not talking about the refills for shavers... Is it the kind 
that's rectangular with one dull edge to hold and the sharp part protected 
by a small cardboard cover? Could I find it at ACE hardware?

To answer one suggestion to simply turn the tank around - I thought of 
doing this and looked from the back to see if the scratches would be 
visible in the background. They are. Not only this, but I've heard that 
algae can get stuck in them. I'd rather start over with undamaged sides. I 
can also try to improve on my aquascape, since there's really no rhyme or 
reason with what I have right now. My technique and artistic eye need some 
serious practice. Funny how something positive can come of childrens' 
mischief... ;-). Gotta love 'em (if you don't throttle 'em, first)!